Education Law


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Education Law

There are three groups of people at NE Law that we can assist:

  • Parents
  • Governors
  • Head Teachers


More and more parents’ feel that decisions made by schools and local authorities about their children are unfair or unworkable. We offer advice, assistance and representation at any or all levels of the appeal and complaint procedures. Our services include:

  • Appeals against allocation decisions
  • SEN decisions and tribunals
  • Exclusion decisions
  • Mediation between parents and the school, local authority and service providers

We offer services on a fixed fee basis and we will work with schools and local authorities wherever possible to achieve the best outcome for the child.

Governors and Headteachers

We appreciate that there may be disagreements between the School, Local Authoirty and the Governors. Governors are entitled to seek independent legal advice if they have concerns over the way the school is managed or specific decisions taken by the School or the Local Authority.

We are also aware of situations where Head Teachers may wish to obtain independent legal advice regarding their decisions to ensure that they are both lawful and reasonable.

We are able to offer Mediation services to try to resolve the disagreement in a non-confrontational manner. We also offer advice and guidance to schools to navigate through the process of becoming an Academy or a Free School.